Timeless brand identity and campaign

This campaign shares the enriching story of Bowmore's definitive single malt which has been shaped and crafted by time.

We created the visual positioning for Bowmore’s Timeless range to leverage the brand’s connection with unique sensory experiences – conveying a luxury brand experience whilst broadening the audience and connecting with both aspiring consumers and collectors alike, to increase perceived value of both the product and the brand.

The Timeless campaign is brought to life across all channels, from unique physical activations and engaging experiences of different scales, to engagement through films, social, and web. Working with an agile approach, all streams of work were developed at fast pace, and in parallel to ensure that brand, experiences and content development connected comprehensively across all channels. This way of working delivered the core look and feel for a wide range of outputs in weeks rather than months, opening up new possibilities for application thanks to finding the route so efficiently at the outset of the project.

We worked closely with the artist Thomas Vanz, who created content for the engaging film story of Timeless. The experience of that film moves the audience on a journey from the beginning of time itself, unfolding moments of mesmerising beauty within the creation of the Timeless single malt whisky. Building on this bespoke content, we developed the holistic creative language and set the context for the visual realisation of all aspects of the campaign.

TIMELESS tells the fascinating story that time plays in the creation of a unique whisky.