Bringing wellness to life, and wellbeing to brands

Over 70% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than on material goods, and this is rapidly changing how retail and other sectors need to adapt to their customers’ growing spending power.

In an era of the experience economy, people are increasingly seeing factors such as feeling great and sleeping well as goal luxuries. So there is huge demand for the experiential environment, taking customers beyond the otherwise short-lived transactional moment.

Wellness could so easily be another buzzword of the moment.

But it isn't. Balancing health, happiness and enjoyment of life and work is something we take as seriously for ourselves as for our client partners and the projects we do with them.

Like everyone, we find much of life spent travelling, managing teams and projects and fielding the calls and emails. And so, in leaving the standard agency model behind, we knew that to work differently, also meant living differently.

From morning team catch-up walks through the forest, to collectively cooking the food we eat over long lunches, and flexibly offsetting work time with appropriate family time, we ensure life is balanced with work. It’s all about enhancing the quality of life, of ourselves and everyone around us benefits too.

In times of political uncertainty and a massive abundance of choice, customers are opting-out of excess to regain control and harmony – to find a more meaningful way of life.

People are increasingly looking to break free from lives strewn with digital mania, aiming to regain time for the most important things in life like friends, family and personal hobbies.

People are striving to live with less. They choose to consume or connect with brands that have a clear purpose, brands that are aligned with their own belief systems with a clear social mission and a socially defined reason for being.

We help brands evolve with the changing demands of customers, creating valued, connected experiences across every moment of a customer's brand relationship.

Over years of working with some amazing people, we have always enjoyed connecting with partners and clients who understand how to create real value for everyone – able to shape a constellation of experiences that make for a richer human wellbeing. 

The more we have worked across sectors, connecting the previously disparate fields of experience, brand and space, the increasingly we find clients who benefit from a human centred approach to the design process.

Never before has the consumer been so empowered to decide what, where, and when to buy. 

Every touchpoint of consumer's daily experience has the possibility to enrich their lives, and that of those around them, and ensuring that all brand life moments add connectivity to the customer's total experience is critical.

We start with the experience, and then look at what route the customer journey takes across all channels from digital to physical, from social to experiential.

We embrace the opportunity to make all experiences for brands not only more human, but significantly that they give individuals a stronger sense of wellbeing too.