Changing the game in retail

Today there’s no question that retail strategy has to respond faster and more effectively to the different ways we live, buy and enjoy.

Over many years of inhabiting every possible side of the retail counter – as customers, designers, and as store owners ourselves – we're uniquely placed to navigate our clients through the ever changing retail landscape. 

Articles reporting the demise of highstreet retail, or the bricks and mortar takeover trials by Amazon are both very real, but often equally simplistic. 

We believe in understanding the change, and the potential solutions, through a much wider systemic analysis.

Developing new propositions, and as importantly, realising them is central to our approach.

Understanding the potential blend and impact of technologies, tracking changing behaviours, understanding the shifting of brand purpose are all important to defining retail that is sustainable and distinctive, but equally there is extreme value in recognising the speed of change itself and that evolution needs to become key to the proposition.

From working with financial clients like RBS to develop sector redefining spaces, or creating Life Story to position storytelling as a way to build customer relationships, constant change has been a vital reality faced by retail clients.

NatWest, Grand Central Birmingham. Adam Storey headed up the concept design and delivery, for the design, architecture and digital content as Creative Director on behalf of Four by Two. Video Credit: Brightside Studios

Working closely with the proposition agency Market Gravity and Deloitte Digital, we also created a store that in every aspect could continually evolve, from its physical format, to the host brand and the techniques it uses to engage and build a valued customer base.

The ability of cameras to map and track customers, and their behaviours opens up great new insights to help retail brands leverage the tech and the insight it gives. 

Having a space that matches the potential for reacting to valuable new insights is a natural and equally important part of the puzzle for the development of retail.