Civerinos - NYC Slice Bar

The opportunity

For the first Civerinos location outside of their Edinburgh home, the much-loved Scottish pizza giants needed to make their mark on Glasgow, updating their brand along the way. This was a dream brief to create a neighbourhood slice bar in the heart of Finnieston.


Our work
• Architectural Design
• Interior Design
• Brand Identity and Graphics
• Concept to Delivery

Our response

Our vision was to bring the Civ’s story to life by diving into the subculture that has inspired the brand and neighbourhood slice bar. Nostalgic references, in terms of style, colour and form from 80’s and 90’s skate, hip hop, film, NYC, fashion and pizza, informed every aspect of this project: interior design, architecture, brand and graphic design. The Civerinos identity was re-worked in tandem with the fit-out, providing an opportunity for the whole S+Co team to collaborate on a brand with a strong, positive personality. This included a new logo, graffiti style strapline and graphic symbols, colour palette and chequered pattern.

The interior space needed to work hard and yet have life and atmosphere - operationally it needed to ensure fast service to two different types of customer while maintaining flow and comfort for both customers and staff. Opening it up to allow natural light to flood in, putting the kitchen on display and creating separate but connected spaces for dining in and a takeaway slice counter was key to achieving that duality.

A simple palette of materials complements the existing rough brick walls; the client’s love of skate culture lead to crisp, bent-plywood furniture inspired by half pipe skate ramp construction. The curved forms create seating areas, bar fronts and a DJ booth that sits in the centre of the space above the WC.


Project partners

Contractors - Francey

Neon signage - Solas Neon

Signage - Charley’s Chalk

Graffiti artwork - Pizza Boy