Edrington UK Brand Home

The Opportunity

To reimagine 13,000sqft of internal space, including a bar, cafe, meeting rooms and working space. Our brief was to deliver spaces that inspire and empower a new way of working and transform the office culture.

Key Drivers
• A need to consider post-Covid ways of working, with remote working and more video and conference calls influencing how staff. and clients see and connect with the office
• A feeling of prestige and quality
• More sociable, day and night, with all year-round relevance
• Connecting all brands and launching new brands

Edrington UK

Our Work
• Interior design
• Brand implementation
• Environmental graphics
• Concept to delivery

Our Response

The multi-space refurbishment of Edrington UK’s Glasgow headquarters, including the creation of flexible workspaces, enhancing the functionality of existing social areas. Our role was the full interior design scheme, reflecting Edrington’s brand values and creating spaces to showcase and celebrate their portfolio of products.

A key theme throughout was to create a welcoming space by the introduction of natural light, openness and colour. This idea is elegantly embodied in the installation of an undulating, open slatted, birch plywood wall, the shape inspired by the fluidity of movement in nature, and linking to Edrington Global’s identity as the UK’s premier whisky distributor.

The creation of this set-piece louvred wall, from concept sketches, complex Rhino 3D modelling through detailed technical drawings and prototyping required us to work closely with EVM to deliver meticulously constructed joinery. Form and function converge as the sculptural wall also acts as an acoustic device to absorb sound in a bustling environment, while creating a visual connection with the Edrington cafe.

The conception of an comfortable, multipurpose bar area, adaptable to different uses and able to function as a meeting room, workspace, social hub, tasting and presentation area and a space to showcase brands further underscores the project’s aim to encourage collaboration and well-being while emphasising the importance of human connection in a post-pandemic work environment.


Project partners

Client - Edrington UK

Contractors - EVM

Photographery by  ZAC and ZAC