Lost Shore - Surf Resort

The opportunity

To create a world-class surfing destination with a unique hospitality experience that would see S+Co lead the architecture and interior design.


Lost Shore Scotland 

Our work
• Architecture
• Interior Design

Our response

We built a team tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges of this project, ensuring a joined-up approach to cover architecture, interiors, strategy and brand enabling us to craft a holistic, world-class visitor experience. 

The core principles for this landlocked site build on the nostalgia of climbing sand dunes and hearing the waves before you see them. This builds the sense of anticipation and excitement – inspiring the landscaping, the orientation the buildings, and the sense of adventure upon arrival.

As the lead concept architect and interior designers we created a unique hospitality experience, made up of a food hall with 3 kitchens, a bar, dining area, lounge, terrace, retail space, events spaces, changing rooms, and high performance training facilities. These were housed in a series of buildings, reminiscent of coastal structures, nestled on the shoreline.