Propositioning the brand

Now everything is part of an experience economy. If a brand evidences its purpose and real value, every touchpoint will express its distinctive character, and establish valued relationships with customers and staff.

When working with brands of any scale from innovative start-ups to global behemoths, we are equally fascinated by their brand positioning as by the beginnings of the proposition they’re seeking form for. 

Sincere and purposeful brands foster dependable and valued brand experiences. For us, the development of the brand and the proposition are two sides of the one coin. 

Building a truly memorable experience has been at the heart of the long-standing relationship we have with ADV. the group behind Adventure Docks, one of Liverpool Docks most successful visitor attractions.

Folllowing a series of workshops we developed a brand document to highlight values and purpose to drive and develop their existing brand experiences, whilst also harnessing that to a brand framework that would enable them to keep moving forward into new markets whilst building on their core values.

As Simon Sinek famously said, ‘People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it’.

People are at the heart of everything ADV. do, so by recognising this, and enthusing staff and customers about the detail of care that the team invests, the importance of growth and innovation and the unique value of the local, they now have a checklist for the development of every aspect of their experiences.

ADV. are a great partner to work with, full of desire to do things differently, and consistently deliver experiences which are significantly above the competition.

In tandem with the development of the brand positioning, we have continued to develop their current offers, the look and feel of each brand, the treatment of the spaces, and how these tie-in with a distinctively stand-out experience.

In partnering with the amazing team at ADV. we are proud to play a part in making a strong experience from something as simple as some shipping containers. Appearing soon at a port near you!