We partner with ambitious people to create amazing experiences

We create

•  Inspiring new propositions

•  Strategy across every channel

•  Interior and architectural design

•  Connected retail experiences

•  Moving, adaptable brands

•  Storytelling and digital interactions

•  Content, campaigns and graphics

A new breed of creative agency

S+CO was created to work differently.

Our approach is founded on building unique teams for every project, ensuring rare and connected thinking across all channels – transforming experiences, brands and spaces.

Adam Storey makes change the force for good, inspiring S+CO to challenge standard agency models.

Adam knew that a fresh, connected approach was needed for our rapidly changing world. Leaving a successful studio he built to found S+CO, has proven that change is rewarding. Transformation is the heart of what we do, and everyone we work with.

Adam brings game-changing, market redefining propositions to life with tech, and the senses – having developed many distinctive businesses across design, retail and experience sectors.

Learning from experiences in hospitality, retail, visitor experiences and banking, Adam blends those sectors, to create bold new value for today's world.

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Mark Beever connects brand, active strategy and omnichannel storytelling to create valuable new brand relationships.

Mark has led international creative teams to work with some of the world's most distinctive challenger brands.

He has developed new approaches to brand storytelling, to cross traditional creative channels. He defines ambitious strategies that are focused on being immediately actionable. He creates omnichannel identities and visitor experiences and core brand propositions to help transform companies.

He embraces all challenges to build a cohesive focus across all scales of project, to realise the potential for change to create significant impact and transformation.

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A team of creative and strategic explorers

Built around a truly integrated approach, our team is made up of inspiring, industry-leading practitioners.

We blend a bespoke team for every project to ensure its agility, speed and lean approach harnesses expertise and the shared passion for truly effective results.

Together we partner with our clients – creating, innovating and delivering joined-up thinking across all scales of project and range of channels.

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Our values

Empower everyone

Transforming behaviours and activating people power is core to who we are. We collaborate and partner closely with our clients as much as with our collective. This makes an ambitious, connected community in which anything is possible and everyone does their best work.

Change the game

Passionate to share ideas and inspire others, we push the boundaries. We bring huge energy, belief and optimism to every project and team we work with. To challenge and question everything enables us to leap over the frontiers others cling to. We’re here to change the game whether that’s in the detail or the big picture, to help everyone realise brave new possibilities.

Connect and cultivate

We’re here to make the world better and to create new value. We know this goes a lot further when those values are shared by a collective attitude, a shared culture. In everything we do we cultivate the conditions for growth, helping people do their best and raising everyone’s experience of the world around them.

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Client partners

We partner with ambitious people, bold companies and awesome brands.

Together we transform the way business works, helping to rewrite the rules for a world of change.

Follow our adventures

  • Beam Suntory
  • Virgin Hotels
  • Wonderland Restaurants
  • IBM
  • Innis and Gunn
  • Wheatley Group
  • CYBG
  • Virgin Money
  • Chop House
  • Warner Brothers
  • Selina Hotels
  • Fat Duck Group
  • Napier University
  • Surf Snowdonia
  • Studio Something
  • Deloitte Digital
  • Westfield
  • Electric Theatre Collective
  • White Horse
  • RBS
  • Wavegarden Scotland
  • Natwest
  • Market Gravity
  • Edinburgh Beer Factory
  • ADV.
  • East London Pub Company
  • Liverpool Adventure Dock
  • The Lookout by Gardener's Cottage

Find us everywhere


From a base in central Edinburgh we connect with our clients and team locally and internationally, working to join together new ideas and realities.

We are a studio without borders if you like – rather like the way we approach projects and relationships — connecting the unexpected with delightful results.

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