The Lookout Restaurant

The opportunity

Gardener’s Cottage has become one of Edinburgh’s leading restauranteurs and were keen to develop their hospitality portfolio with an exclusive offering on Edinburgh’s Carlton Hill, one that enriched their core values in a new location. 


Gardeners Cottage

Our work
• Interior Design
• Experience Development
• Concept to Delivery

Our response

Working closely with the Gardeners Cottage team, we led workshops to understand their opportunities and logistical challenges. We worked through how this new location and space could further elevate the culinary experience.

We developed a new brand experience in tandem with the creation of the interior design to ensure a fully joined-up approach, then working into the detail of the kitchen design, and all furnishings and finishes.

These elements along with a bespoke lighting feature celebrate the locations rich history as an observatory, with views to the sky as well as over the beautiful city of Edinburgh.