New life for the forecourt proposition

We were asked by one of the world’s largest business consultants, IBM to produce a collaborative workshop to help them refocus their ambitions for their client's global business proposition.

A bespoke team taken from our collective created a proposition challenging team laboratory for an intense workshop. The goal – redefine a complete business offering whilst building on values within the heritage of the brand's core purpose.

This was a fascinating task when the challenge is to transform a sector in which their core proposition has a significant risk of extinction due to fast evolving technological forces and changing customer behaviours.

We are driven to bring a good level of transformation for any business we work with, whatever the scale, or the type of projects that we work on. Changing the game, creating a more valuable approach, and making business work better pumps the heart of every project we take on.

Bringing together our collective capacity in research, futurology, brand and systemic architecture, we analysed new and changing trends, policy changes and diverse technological evolutions.

Critically we avoid traditional ‘blue sky thinking’ and instead pushed a series of brave new propositions that could be rolled-out almost immediately, to show impact over a period of two to five years.


All our projects are about helping brands to activate transformation immediately at one scale or another. Avoid the 'F word' (that's Future, or Futuristic if you are wondering) – why wait when change is needed today.

We developed completely new models for the sector. Each proposition was about enabling a radical evolution for the brand's sector and provided socially and commercially valuable business ideas. All tied into fast changing social behaviours and shifting patterns of use. We built on a new benefits of scaling propositions across both local and national networks.

Making these fresh propositions really tangible was key to connecting the reality of a transformation of a brand's offering with the potential for fast rollout. Creating a market shift is about the type of ingredients we introduce – the unexpected elements are what can change the game, but also make a proposition significantly more relevant for today's customer.

The models we shared during the workshop took evolved approaches to 'convenience', 'purpose' and 'service' for the customer experience.

The toolkit developed for the workshop is now being used to engage the client directly, to activate a long-standing conversation about business transformation for an exciting programme of phased change.

Changing the way a global sector works is probably the largest impact one of our projects has achieved, we look forward to what's going to happen next. Stay fuelled for more information very soon.