02 Arena - VIP Lounges

The opportunity

Virgin Money is dedicated to making life brighter. As principle sponsors of London's O2 Arena and Glasgow’s Hydro, this was the ideal moment to build on their purpose, by translating a high-street brand into spaces for an awesome live music experience. 


Virgin Money

Our work
• Interior Design
• Brand Design
• Concept Design & Implementation

Our response

We created immersive spaces for the brand for their VIP suites at the O2 London, and the Hydro Glasgow. We pushed the visual and physical strengths of this retail brand, creating truly energised and distinctive spaces in high-energy music venues.

We designed every physical and visual touchpoint of the space – based on clear customer journey propositions. We crafted a visionary feel throughout the space, from stellar walls to a bar crafted from the brand pattern, using luxurious materials, dynamic forms and experiential lighting.  

We also developed an infinity mirrored capsule for visitors to immerse themselves in a galaxy of stars – creating a space with a truly standout experience.